February 25, 2010

- abOut me -

hello.. this is me. zakwanyzan bin hj idris. i was born in penang at 6 nov 1989..
etc2.. huhu.. no need le 4 me to introduce myself rite.. if u wanna know more about me.
dun feel shy to ask me k? =)

i create this blog to express my feels. my interest.. n share my sad n wonderfull memories.. huhu..

-i love Allah-
yea.. i love Allah so mUch. no matter how pain and terrible this life. we have to remember that everythings happen for a reason. everything hv its "Hikmah" im not a good person. but i always pray that Allah will always guide me in his path. insyaAllah..

-i love my family-
dad, mom, abg mat, abg bur, my lovely sis nonie, abg wan, n zikri ridhwan.. i loVe u all so muCh.
dad, mom.. im glad to be born as ur sons. u both are the best parents in this whole world =)
to all my siblings.. i'll be there 4 u.. whenever u need me..
i wont ever look back at u all.. insyaAllah..
u all are my life..

-i love dota-
hehe.. dota is my life. my soulmate for now. huhu.. dota makes me happy. dota makes me feel alive. huhu.. this is the game that always make me stop from thinking my problems.
stop thinking about this whole world.. huhu. i don't need to be sad. i don't need to be angry.
i don't need to think that im alone.. this game help me sO much. i hv to admit it. hehe

haha.. thats a story that i will tell in my next post i guest. huhu..

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