October 31, 2010

smiley =)

senyum banyak makna kan..

ada senyum sbb happy.
ada senyum sbb suka tgk org lain susah.
ada jg org senyum sbb kecewa.

aku mahu senyum selalu.
senyum itu sedekah kan :)

bila kita senyum, automatik emosi kita berubah.
kalau marah. senyum2 la cepat. spaya marah tue reda. hehe.

senyum :)

October 30, 2010


saya suda ada gf!
nama gf saya

star craft 2: wings of liberty!

babe, i really love u owh.

bestnya. ada gf..

gf sy nie baik. penyayang. lovely. sumalah yg seangkatan dgnnya :)
dia slalu buat saya happy..


akhirnya sy suda becerai sama dota.
bye2 dota.
i will always miss u.
thanx for all the memory we shared all this time.
for the past 5 years.
dota jua la gf plg lama tahan ngan aku T____T

SC2.. i jz want u to know, i love u more then u ever imagine.
i will always take good care of u.

congratz to u zack =D

yue ding.

We agreed
Not seeing each other for 3 years
With our love, the time wouldn't go away
You smiled and said, this is a test for us
Our promise

Just like this, 3 years have passed,
And I come again to this place,
Closed my eyes and waited for you to appear,
and kiss your face in the air.

I still remember our promise,
The promise of happiness of a lifetime,
Even the song I wrote for you,
is secretly crying tears.

I still remember our promise,
and I love you more than in the past.
Even the wind is laughing at me,
I think it would tell you,
I love you more now

October 26, 2010


i remember.. how i'm turning into stone cold hearted person.
its not i became psycho or whatsoever.
i just have difficulties to trust people.

am i blaming anyone for what have i become?

Once in my life before.
i trust a person, i trust it with all my life. But she ruined it.
am i blaming her?

Once in my life.
i put my happiness to someone else.
i though, love should be like that.
am i right?

U remember?
how pain it is to fall when u thought u could never fall again?
Yea. im surely know u remember that feeling :)

so. are u regret being urself right now?

im prefer to be this stand alone zack.
im stronger.
im very confident.
i can achieve anything that i want.


Be strong. u are better than anyone else.
don't ever let urself down.
u are the one who deal with ur own emotion.

never regret with every step u make in ur life.
the bad and the good things happened for a reason.
learn from it.

ur family count on u.
u have a big responsibility towards everyone around u.
give priority to it.

by being someone strong hearted.
being responsible.
being lovely towards ur family.
being faithful to ur creator.

then, u don't have any problem to have someone special for u.
u can be someone who that person can hold on to :)
u wont fail.
have faith with Allah.
then, u'll be strong and insyaAllah u can make everyone around u happy :)

October 23, 2010

im tired.
Ya Allah. kuatkanlah hati hamba mu ini.
mengharungi hari2 nya..

October 19, 2010

thats it.. im gonna walk away, and for sure im not gonna regret my decison. hurm.. bye2 u.. thanx for being a gud friend all this time. thanx allah, eventhough i jz hv this kinda feeling for a moment. i really appreciate it. who knows, there's a lot of good things ahead. i wont be sad, i believe wif u my lord. mest ada hikmah suma nie.. em, so. here i am. single and always available. hahaha. smpai abes study xmo ngorat cewek suda.. :p

October 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to U
i really hope, u enjoy the whole day like i do

i really hope u love the gift :)

i just can't say anything at all.
im just happy.

i really hope, that i can celebrate it with u again in the coming years.

U.. thanx for the perfect smile.

Thanx Allah.
i really appreciate this feeling.

October 11, 2010

one of my friend said to me..
zack laen.. zack kuat. bole ja hadapi suma nie..

the Question is..
am i?

It took me a years to hv faith within myself..
and still, i hv difficulties to forgive myself..

i don't know.
sumtimes i really think i need a rest..

The Image~

okei. today i wanna write about FACEBOOK.
im not going to complain or say anything bad about FB or watsoever.
i just want ppl to understand the truth and fact about reality and the image u want to create.

what's on your mind?
In relationship with?
Describe about yourself?
Comment on ur friend?

and many2 more..

Do u know, by this. u r projecting the image that u want.
its good actually. but the bad news.
u r creating ur image not in the reality world?

this past year.
i rarely write anything describing about my feeling.
about my life.
or etc.

wanna know y?
the more u write about urself.
the more u exposing ur life.
then, more worst thing come to u.

this is for example like, i write.
"i HATE U ****"
the outcome, will come back to me.
i mean, the person who will be mad, angry and so on will be me.
everytime i see the status. then, i'll be mad again.
supposedly im gonna be fine in a couple of days, but the outcome of the words. i'll become permanently mad at that person.

do u think this i lied about this?

then try urself..
express urself as much as u can at ur FB.
does it release ur tension? or does it harm u back?
think about it :)

other then that..
ur own private life are not PRIVATE anymore.
u show to the entire world.
what u wanna be.
who u wanna be.
who u love.
who u hate.
and so on..

Do u realize u r exposing ur weakness?
i cant explain so much about this "weakness"
everyone hv their own point of view about this topic.
so, i wont argue to u about that.
i just want u to take a deep look about what i mean by

Ur facebook are creating an image about who u wanna be.
the image will be projecting ur ownself.
think deep about what u wanna write.
cuz its no bad joke.
its u creating ur IMAGE.

That is the power of mind.
if u don't realize it before.
realize it now.
u have the power to change urself :)


Like i said in my previous post.
U are reality.
U are the one who make a decision about ur own self.
who u wanna be. who u really are. what kind of person u are.
dun tell me u don't know the answer, cuz the truth everyone knew it.
they just can't accept the reality of who they really are.

don't said the image u creating on ur web, blog, facebook, and etc are the real u.
dun make such joke to me.
U are reality.
think about it. Think deep.
Think about what i mean Reality and Fantasy.
dun let time pass u by and by the end of ur life, u never see whats the truth ahead of u.

create the image u want in Reality.
if u wanna be a good person.
be a good person in reality.
if u ever dream about being rich.
hold on to ur dream.
u CAN make it real.
u have the choice, it just the matter u want it or not.
there's many things more u can make it real for u.
it just u never see it.
cuz u never believe in the reality of world around u.
let's open our eyes.
open our heart.
May Allah gv us the opportunity to understand the reality of our world today.

There's a lot of people out there including me
searching for the meaning of life.
where my life leads to. where im gonna be for the next few years.
what have i done in my entire life.

its all in Allah wills.
Allah hv decide what best for us.
but we ourself hv the chance on trying to achieve what we want in life.
Allah know's what best for every person in this life :)

My lord, there's nothing much i want to ask from u.
lead my to ur path.
guide me through this life.

as i am nothing without u.

October 8, 2010


so sweet. brapa lama da aku kawan ngan dia.. last2 dpt gak jumpa.
best2.. dia sweet. cantek. suka mbuli :)
tapi anti dota T__T

happyny dpt jumpa dia =.="
adei. abes la aku..
ntah napa aku excited sgt tetiba..
eventhough aku jumpa jz utk makan2 je..
gumbira da aku..

Ya Allah..
tQ for giving me chance to feel this kind of feeling :)
xmo la aku fikir pon apa yg dia rasa ngan aku. tp aku da ckup appreciate dpt rasa mcm nie thadap org laen..
xdalah rasa aku nie hati batu sgt..

i suke buli u!
hahah. suke tgk u geram ;p

i kinda like u dear.

tQ 4 making me smile :)
tQ 4 being nice to me :)

tQ Allah.. for everything..
if she's bring good thing for my life.
i do hope u can make it easy for me to walk this path.
if she's not.. do hope ur guidance my lord..

October 6, 2010

its been so long since the last time i feel like this..
idk y i feel like this.
eventhough kita teda pa2 pon.

but idk y i think bout u =.="
i miss u.
how i wish u know wat i feel..

Ya Allah..
tenangkan lah hati hamba mu ini..

October 4, 2010

something to wonder~

is it true?
maybe :)

Hari nie.. aku mahu tulis pasal perangai org bcinta.. this is including me.
ME in the PAST i mean.

okei.. pernah ka kamu tgk, movie cinta?
titanic ka..
romeo n juliet ka..
Twilight ka..
and apa2 ja la drama indon, philipine, cina, korea, jepun dan byk lg..

mest penah kan?
penah ka rasa mcm bestnya kalo aku jd mcm watak dlm movie tue..
penah? tipu la kalo cakap x penah kan..

so, aku mo cakap d sni. mistake org..
yg tidak dapat membezakan realiti dan fantasi :)

u are reality.
u are fact.
u are alive.
u are the truth.
u are the person who incharge of ur own story.
(yes, mmg takdir itu sudah ditentukn. tp kita ada pilihan utk berusaha kn? )


Watever u see.
u feel.
u cant touch.
u cant sense.
u cant describe it.
ur imagination..

so, dua nie.. sama ka?

of cuz la tidak kan.
aku tidak cakap aku tidak perlukn imaginasi.. fantasi.
tp, bila fantasi mengatasi realiti..

org sangka cinta itu segalanya.
i mean, ppl cant think about other thing.. rather then love.
do u live on the purpose of that?
x perasan ka kita..
kita ikut watak mcm dlm tv tue..
ikut apa yg di bangga2 kn oleh barat..
tgk ja, rata2 filem2 hangat hangit, yg jadi pujaan org zaman skrg..

mo ikut ala2 titanic..
twilight and yg seangkatan dgnnya..
sacrifice utk org lain.
buat benda yg x sepatutnya d buat.
benda haram jadi BIASA.

itu ka cinta?
itu la buat kita happy?

i leave that question for u to find answer :)

aku x anti cinta. x anti drama2 suma sgala bagai nie..
tapi kalo boleh, aku mahu org faham ja.
kalo pon kamu fall in love. happy. syg org camna skali pon..
jgn sekali2 letak org tue lebih dr diri kamu sndiri.
jgn sekali2 fikir, dia lah PUNCA kebahagiaa kamu.

dia hanyalah PENYEBAB.
dia hanya penyebab utk kita rasa happy tue.. utk rasa d sayang dan sebagainya.
PUNCA kebahagiaan tue tidak datang dr manusia.
itu datang dari Allah s.w.t
kalo tuhan izinkan hati kita rasa bahagia. tenang.
tenang lah kita. bukan ORG yg menjadi punca kebahagiaan kita.
kalo siapa2 yg baca penulisan aku nie, ada yg tgolong dlm golongan nie.
renung2kn lah k..
ini adalah peringatan utk kita bersama :)

U are reality.

U are not living under a spotlight..
U are not acting in front of camera and become the main character..
U have no audience.
There's no one watching u.
Don't waste any tears for something u should not be sad of.
U have ur own story.
Don't accept the fantasy that u watch, and make it as ur Dream.
U hv ur own imagination.
U are way better than that.

May Allah always guide us to the right path :)

October 2, 2010


yea.. happy birthday to u my dear sis :)
salehah amirsah.
may Allah bless ur life always.
may ur life will full of happiness and love.
may all ur wish come true.

thanx for being a good friend all this time.
may our friendship last forever.