January 30, 2014


Alhamdulillah, after a long year break of writing anything, finally I'm back. As u guys can see in that picture, there's lots of things happen through out the year, 21.3.2013 is the date of my solemnization with my wife. I do need to write this as this is the changing phase of my life. History which can't be change forever. 

That morning, I feel nervous, happy, excited, joy, sad, and so many other feelings which I can't explain. Well, I believe everyone that are married knew this feeling. Anyway, the solemnization getting placed at my wife home at Semporna. and it's happen right after Zohor prayer. Sumaidah binti Anam is officially my wife.

Tq Allah, I do feel blessed and in sha Allah, I will do my best to be a good husband to my wife. 

Now, its 31.1.2014. Almost a year of living married life, and still I do love and feel happy with my wife. Challenge do comes and go, and yet how u deal with it matters. All those challenge grows u, and the beautiful thing about getting married is, u are not alone. The challenge of life seems easy with our love ones beside us. may Allah keep our love together, and bless our love always. 

Today, not only we are happily married, Allah also bless us with a child. Few more weeks left before his/her delivery. In sha Allah we are expecting a baby boy. 

Feeling? only Allah knows how it feels to be a husband, and soon to be a father. I know, this is not an easy task of life. Its a lifetime responsibility, and I pray Allah bless me and my wife to be the best mother and father for our child, and may Allah bless us with a child with a solid Iman through out his life. 

2013 is a very memorable year for me, and I believe 2014 has many surprise for me ahead. oh Allah, bless my parents always as they have bless me with so many favor in life and I do pray U unite our family with Iman and Taqwa in our heart. Tq Allah for everything.