August 31, 2010

- arabian nights -

within 3 weeks.. im going to a gala night dinner. its compulsory for me as i am the member of committee for law and commerce student.
haiysh.. tension actually.
cuz idk what to wear =.="
anyone can suggest me what to wear?

the theme for this dinner is arabian night + hari raya..

maybe im going to wear jubah only..
smart juga kan? huhu

anyway, it just great.. everyone bring their partner for this dinner.
nvm la.. x perlu partner pon. duduk meja bujang ja.. hahaha ;p
if there's anyone ask me to be her partner.. naa ada la tue.
kalo teda. diam2 sudeh ~ ~
haiysh.. doesnt matter lah.
its not important for me though..

what important now,
my leg. my ankle. my stomach. my chest. every part at my body are all hurt :(
thanx to the work out at gym.
i enjoy the pain T.T
kalau da work out susah2 mcm nie.. x tough. x kurus lg..
x taw la mo cakap apa..

right now,
im going to the gym for 4 times a week.
eat less. work hard. study smart.
hahah.. nice words ait..

i've set my goal.. within 2 month. im gonna lose 7-10 kg.
yes i can!
aku mo jd kurus blk.. not kurus.
fit! i wanna be fit as ever. healthy. confident and etc~
nt.. da smart badan. bole la aku ngorat awek2 cun..
hahah. just kidding mom.
anak mak nie baek. dia x mengurat da..
smpai abes studi baru dia pikir mo cari sum1 tuk diri dia :)

okei, back to the stori.
enjoy owh.. pegi gym nie. ada training boxing, muay thai, mma..
huhu. walaupon, baru buat latihan muscle aku mo muntah da =.="
lama x exercise punya pasal..

okei.. enough stori edi..
im going to the gym 1st..
c u there..

August 30, 2010

- Maybe -

One day, we will walk along this journey together..

One day, i don't have to wake up..
and think that u hv stop loving me..

u won't give up on me & i won't give up on u..

Even though we're far apart..
We will always love each other..

Our love never grows old..

All the love song in this world are meant to be for u..

it's true the space within my hand are meant to be for u..

Thats y god create 1 heart instead of two..
so, ur heart and mine should be bond until the end of our day..

How i wish
i could delete all those Maybe..

I just want you and i forever
like this..

to everyone who's in love in this world.
may u all be in love. be happy. cherish all the people u love.

August 28, 2010

man from mars, woman from venus~

worth my money.
worth my time.
reading the book!

~i love it~

i took this pic cuz?
i wanna hide my ears.
ada bekas pierce.
x suka tgk..

this pic is for u :)

nsem kan?

August 27, 2010

no more pierce~

im beautiful the way i am..

August 26, 2010

trust ~

I like this words..

i've conversation with my friends.

both of them saying about Love n Love n Love =.="
typical la.. gurls mest suka cerita Love2 nie..

So, mcm biasa lah.
aku berdepan lg dgn soalan.
z, ko bila lg?

adui.. napa la soalan nie ja blk2..
ada gf org tnya..
teda gf di tnya jg..

so, aku cakap simple ja.
kalo kamu penah rasa la..
mcmna frustnya kena cheat. kamu taw la kenapa aku single.

i just feels like i wanna laugh out loud oni.

sblm kami cerita nie..
petang tue
1 of my friend texting me
saying that all guys are the same.
suma xle d pcaya la..
n mcm2 g diskriminasi thadap llaki =.="

aku faham lah tue..
aku pon penah jg marah mcm tue dgn ppuan..

but still..
i cant denied the fact that i need her.
i mean i need that special someone in my life.
i never blame all girls are liar and cheater.
as i know, there's a good 1 out there :)

i just don't like people asking me same Question over n over again
letih la mo jawab.. haiz..

im ready to love someone.
it just there's no one for me to love.
i mean to be my special one.

its not that im choosy or watsoever.
i just want someone who can prove me she's different than the previous i've ever known

girls like boy to fulfill their fairytale.
love them. be there for them whenever they need him

but do u deserved to be treat like that?
or u jz fooling him and satisfied ur imagination about love?

just don't ask me silly Question about love again pls.
kalo ada, ada la tue..
kalo teda, im happier this way la maksudnya.

enough talk i guess..

wat important is.
i wont let my imaginary person stuck in my head.
i'll open my eyes for who might change what my view towards love.
to u who might be the special one~
i love u.
haha :D

August 25, 2010

i promise myself.
i wont hurt myself no more.

people tend to change what they've done.
rather then to think what they've had now.

once i found U my Mr's right.
i will always be here for u.
there's no doubt bout that :)

thank u lord for everything.
u really change me.

~ i am 100% better then yesterday ~

August 24, 2010

Night and day

siang dan malam..
inilah topik yg ingin aku tulis pada hari ini.
semalam, seharian aku mendengar lecture daripada sheikh Imran Hosein.
watch at youtube.
then, smpai satu lecture dia. dia cakap tentang marriage in islam.
Im really thankful for the lecture, as i learn a lot through it.
post ini jg adalah berdasarkan ilmu yg di pelajari dari lecture beliau.
so, dlm lecture dia. Dia cakap psl satu ayat dalam al-Quran tentang kejadian malam dan siang dan perkaitannya tentang lelaki dan perempuan.

melalui surah Al-Lail ayat 1 -3
Demi malam apabila menutupi (cahaya siang)
Demi siang apabila terang benderang
Demi penciptaan lelaki dan perempuan

A simple words yet so meaningful.
i feel so touched by this words of Allah :')

if we really understand this words.
Allah describe man and woman as night and day.

"Demi siang apabila cahaya terang benderang."
ini adalah untuk penciptaan lelaki yg berfungsi seperti hari siang.
di mana lelaki akan melakukan kerja2 nya secara terang-terangan.
seperti hari siang yg memberi cahayanya ke seluruh alam.

lebih dari itu, kita boleh melihat signifikan daripada ayat ini melalui kejadian alam itu sendiri
kita dapat lihat ini melalui betapa tertariknya nya siang dan malam.
apabila siang, fajar menyinsing..
matahari akan terbit secara perlahan2 dan kita lihat saja bagaimana ia ingin terbit.
ia akan terbit meninggalkn hari malam dgn cahaya subuh yg tidak panas.
tidak terik..
ia seperti tidak mahu meninggalkn hari mlm..

sama seperti kejadian lelaki dan perempuan.
yg sentiasa attract to each other.

"demi malam apabila menutupi cahaya siang"
tidak cukup dgn kejadian fajar menyinsing..
kita lihat sahaja kejadian matahari terbenam.
apa yg dapat kita lihat?
adakah matahari akan terbenam seperti cahaya pagi?

tentunya tidak..
ia akan terbenam dgn cahayanya yg malap dan sayu.
seperti tidak ingin meninggalkn hari siang.
jika kita meragui kejadian ini.
kita kaji sendiri dan lihat kejadian alam itu.
betapa indah Allah mencipta alam ini.
betapa indah kejadian alam ini, memberi signifikan kepada manusia itu sendiri.

Di cipta malam itu untuk kita lihat dan berfikir,
bagaimana malam itu berfungsi
ia tidak panas, dan akan di terangi dgn cahaya bulan dan bintang2..
indah kan?
ia penuh dgn misteri dan tanda tanya.
sama seperti kejadian wanita yg penuh dgn kelembutan dan keindahan.

Maha suci Allah utk penciptaan kita di atas muka bumi ini.
yang mempunyai fungsi masing2..
yang mempunyai keindahan masing2..

" Demi penciptaan lelaki dan perempuan "
di ciptanya lelaki dan perempuan.
adalah untuk stand side by side to each other.
lelaki memerlukan perempuan, sama seperti perempuan memerlukan lelaki.

lelaki dgn fungsinya sendiri..
dan perempuan dgn fungsinya sendiri..

Allah itu maha pengasih lagi maha penyayang.
di ciptanya dalam hati kita perasaan kasih sayang dan cinta.
satu benda yg tidak dapat kita beli di mana2..
dgn bersatunya perasaan kita ini dgn pasangan kita.

then it will be a piece of heaven on this earth :)

u don't believe it?
ask urself..
wat do u feel when u in love?
unexplained feeling?

u told me..

hurm.. what matter is.
adakah kita bercinta berdasarkan hukum Allah itu..
adakah kita berfungsi dgn sepatutnya..

adakah kita bercinta berdasarkan hukum Allah..
adakah kita bercinta berlandaskan nafsu atau perasaan sayang?
adakah kita bercinta untuk mengikut org lain atau kemahuan kita?
adakah kita bercinta untuk mencari keredhaan Allah?

Allah mencipta kita dgn sebaik2 penciptaan.
kita di beri akal untuk berfikir.
kita di beri emosi utk merasa.

apakah balasan kita kepada tuhan kita yg memberi kita rasa ini.
memberi kita anugerah ini.
adakah kita akan mengingatinya di kala kita bahagia?
ataupun kita lalai dan leka di buai perasaan cinta itu sendiri.

sometimes i feels like i wanna cried when i think about all of this.

i hope i wont fall in love again.
its not that i don't want to.
it just because i want a real relationship.
a relationship bless by Allah.

im young and i want to get married
to feel real love.

is that a problem?
i dont think so.
for me, the real problem is when u are with someone and you are in relationship with him/her
for a long time..
if u can avoid urself from doing bad deeds its good for u.
but if u can't?

holding hands..
hug there.. hug here..
kiss there.. kiss here..
do that..
do this..
is that we call love?

may Allah guide us to the right path..
im jz a normal person with a normal thoughts..
sharing what i wanna share.
if im wrong, its all on my fault.
whats come best from this post is based on Allah wills.

tQ my lord for everything..

August 22, 2010


Hari ni.. aku mahu menulis tentang karma..
apa yg kita mengerti tentang karma?
kita tahu, karma adalah semua balasan yang kita dapat hasil dari perlakuan kita.
bila kita fikir tentang karma. apa yg kita ingat?
most of people akan cakap pasal karma bila mereka di kecewakan, tidak kira dari sudut apa pun. cinta.. kerja.. keluarga.. dan mcm2 lg..

hurm.. bila kita kecewa. kita selalu fikir. kita yg betul..
kita yg di aniaya.
kita yg dikhianati.
pernah kah kita tanya diri kita sendiri.
kenapa setiap perkara tue terjadi?
pernahkan kita mohon maaf dgn kesilapan kita?
pernahkah kita memaafkan kesilapan org lain?
perlu kah kita menyimpan dendam dgn org lain?

adakah islam mengajar kita untuk berdendam
atau hidup dalam kedamaian?

Like i said, life is full of wonder..
but people tend to see life in miserable way..
im not saying i've a great life or etc..
i jz want we ppl to remember..
our deeds determine of who we really are and what we will become..
kalau kita fikir kehidupan ni satu perkara yg menyakitkn.
kehidupan ni satu perkara yg susah.
satu perkara yg negative.
then the outcome will be exactly like u think.
u don't trust me. then go forward.. think negative of everything that happen around u.
we'll see what u'll become in the next 10 years..

yes, kalo di lihat dari sudut life aku..
aku sgt takut dgn karma.
aku takut dgn balasan tuhan terhadap kesilapan aku.
Bagi aku tiada benda yg lg menyedihkn selain daripada hilang rahmat dan hidayahnya..
aku sedih, bila memikirkn apa yg akan jadi dgn aku.
sedih bila memikirkan kesilapan2 yg pernah aku lalui.
aku takut kalau kesilapan aku di kala muda ini.
memberi impak kepada kehidupan ku di kemudian hari.
memberi kesan kepada family aku.
memberi kesan kepada anak2 aku.
maybe it sounds odd.. sounds like " hey, still early la to think about all of this.. "
tapi aku x mahu tergolong dalam golongan yg tidak sempat mensyukuri nikmat Allah.
tidak percaya dgn balasan yg dia akan berikan.
adakah kita akan muda selamanya?
pastinya tidak.

aku percaya.. apa yg kita lakukan skrg. adalah imej kita pada masa depan.
kalau masa muda nie.
kita sukar untuk beribadat. sukar untuk menunaikan kewajipan kita sebagai islam.
adakah pada masa tua. kita akan mampu?
pasti boleh dgn adanya rahmat dan hidayah Allah.
tapi.. cuba fikir sejenak.
kalo kita tidak sempat mencapai umur yg senja?
kita sedia tahu. ajal itu akan tiba pada bila2 masa.
jika kita tidak sempat untuk beribadat? memohon keampunan Allah?

Hari nie, aku pergi solat terawih.
d surau tue..
aku lihat seorg tua umur dalam 60-70 tahun.
menunaikan ibadah, solat isyak dan terawih..
syukurlah. mc mampu dan bertenaga.

aku tfikir sejenak.

adakah aku.. jika umurku panjang.
aku akan menjadi seperti org tua ini?
adakah aku akan menghabiskan sisa hidupku beribadat kepada tuhan?
ataupun aku akan hanyut dan larut dalam mainan dunia..
ada org yg sudah berumur senja.. masih hidup dalam keseronokan dan kelalaian.

ya Allah..
aku mohon padamu.
jgnlah engkau lalaikn aku dgn nikmat dunia ini.
aku hanyalah hamba mu yg lemah.
yg mengharapkn belas kesihan dari mu.
kuatkanlah hati ku dalam beramal kepada mu.
jgn lah engkau duga aku dgn dugaan yg tidak mampu aku lalui.

tQ my lord..
for giving me all this thoughts.
tQ for showing me the light when im falling deep into the dark..
tQ for this beautiful life u've given to me.
i promise i'll try to be a better muslim..
i love u with all my heart..

without u.. i am nothing :(

August 21, 2010

rambut =D

Yeah.. ni la aku.
masa aku botak awal tahun nie.

so, baru2 nie aku bajet2 mo botak lagi..
tapi, aku tanya la girls friend aku..
and most of them cakap.
jgn la z..
x nsem =.="

adeih.. frust aku..
so, masa aku botak dlu x nsem la tue kan T.T

hurm.. so, aku pon x jadi la botakkan kepala aku..
gunting spikey2 ja..
mcm aku slalu buat. hihi.

So, ni lah hasilnya..
rambut aku baru gunting..
pic ni da lama amik.
dlm bulan lepas if im not mistaken..

so, aku buat la pic nie jd profile pic.
wahh.. org cakap aku makin kurus!
oh yeah. i like!
ramai la girls suka aku nie pasnie =p

sbnarnya aku x kesah pon aku gemuk ka kurus ka..
im jz happy the way i am..

gumuk pun siok..
kurus pun siok..
mana2 ja lah..

hurm.. selain dari cerita rambut..
janggut. adeh.. so, baru2 nie..
aku gunting janggut aku..
where u almost cant see it.
mcm da shave la lebih kurang..

alih2.. kena condemned jg.
x nsem!
x smart..

walao... apa la yg ngam sama aku nie?

nt lah. ada gf.. aku tanya gf aku ja.
xmo suda tanya girls2 frend aku..
hahaha =p

jz kidding guys..
u all are the best in my life =D

Hurm anyway. today..
i've receive msg.. from hurm idk.
1 of my admire? friends?

ntah la mo classified apa..

sblm nie.. bukan maen lg cakap sayang aku la.
imy la..
ily la..

drama ja, bole2 lak tsalah send sms..
kantoi ada bf di situ~
hahaha.. ( aku bgn tdo. baca msg dia.. tdo blk) hahaha. x rasa pa2 pon..
wei.. da ada bf tue. buat la cara ada bf..
xyah sebuk2 mo cari org laen..

x kesah la weh.. ko drama ka apa ka..
i dont care.

simple ja la jawapan aku tuk ko..
bukan aku suka ko pun. bukan aku yg confess apa2..
aku x kesah pun.. ko ada ka teda ka..
sama ja. hahaha..

August 20, 2010


Cutenya T.T
rindu miaw2 d rumah..

seriously.. i love this cat!
nt aku da keja aku ada umah sndiri.
aku mo bela sekor kucing mcm nie.
x kira la brapa pun harga dia.
aku mo beli jg!
I love maru!
pnya la cute..
bole ilank suma problem aku tgk kerenah2 dia :)

August 17, 2010

the tears ~

All of us have cried..
There's many reason why people cried..
But most people cried because of love..

is it worth our tears to cry for someone?
is it mean anything for him/her?
will those tears change anything?
Have we really cried for something more than that?
More then just a love towards a person..
is that really called LOVE, which make us feel suffer and emptiness?
or it just memory, which you can't even let go..
a tears which we wasted for something we should not be sad of..

I cried. i cried as i watch the suffering of this kids..
Like usual, i search a new video to improve my knowledge about Islam and the reality of world we live today..
Then i found this video, which is named PREDESTINATION ( you can find it at youtube )
There are many episode within this topic.
Than, i saw a video which they display this picture of children in the Palestine.
This is the first time i watch a video and tears suddenly role down in my face.
I just cant watch it.
I feel really useless.
I feel really Helpless.
I think, why i never cared about all of this?
Why I never think about all of this?

I read the newspapers and watch the news regarding to all of this.
I never take serious of it.
But now, as i go through the video.
When the maker of the video remind me, as a Muslim. we all are siblings..
We all are related to each other.
If they feel the pain, we should feel the pain too..
but the question pop up in my head. have i?
Have i really cared about what my brothers there going through?
Ya Allah..
I will always prayed for them.
If that is the least thing that I could do.
May the light of Islam will shine to this entire world once again.

I believe..
One day, they will come the time for us to live in harmony and peacefully on this earth.
I do pray, we as a Muslim.
Realize and think about what we should do.
wake up brothers and sisters..
The simplest thing on our life maybe effect the entire human world.
We can make a change.
Dont wait for a miracle to change this society.
Change urself.

The perfect example of a Muslim is to LIVE Islam.
then by that, you'll find happiness within you :)

mustahil ~

sy pokai suda T.T

tahun dpn tahun last aku sda..
cpt la abes..
aku mo kerja..
kumpul duit..
cari bini..


sori2 la aku senang kawin.
( kalo jodoh da smpai laen cita la kan )
aku mo cantik. baek. setia. dgr cakap. pandai jaga aku. pandai jaga hati parents aku. solat x tinggal.. owh sweet~~~~~
Heavenly earth suda aku kalo mcm tue..

ada org cakap dgn aku. mustahil?
wei.. baek2 sket. kalo dgn aku. teda menda yg mustahil kayh.
once i want it. i'll find my way to get wat i want..
aku bukan cam org laen. berangan ja kuat..
aku pecaya apa tuhan cakap. kalo kamu berusaha, pasti kamu dapat..
kalo x dapat, ada la hikmah dia..

cita laen la.. mcm cita aku mo kawen esok lak da.. haha..

anyway, aku mmg betul2 x sabar mo kerja..
mo ada keta sndiri..
mo ada duit sndiri..
mo ada rumah sndiri..
mo travel around d world..

owh.. moga tuhan izinkan aku dapat suma nie.

August 12, 2010


Have we ever fasting because we really want to..
or it just because what people do..

Terawih.. All people come from every corner to perform the Solat SUNAT Terawih.
But have we ever perform the Solat Fardhu?
The one that is compulsory to all the Muslim..

Think back..
Have we ever realize that ramadhan hv its own significance then just forbidden to eat and drink..

Do we ever Love Allah as much as Allah love us?

Ya Allah..
i prayed for u.. please, guide me to ur path.
Lead me to the righteous way.

Im sorry for all my sins through my entire life :(

For me, this Ramadhan is different than any other Ramadhan i've been through before.
Its not because of the ramadhan month.
Its because of me..
I never think and appreciated the moment that i should appreciated.

Thank u my lord, for giving me the chance to feel this light , which i cant explain it within words.

I'll try my best to be a better Muslim.
InsyaAllah :)

August 8, 2010

New beginning~

New layout
New story
New journey
New beginning

yep. This is my new layout.. simple blue with snowy. huhu. i like it. so natural.. with this new layout, i wanna mark it as a new beginning for my story. new journey for my life. no more sad story. no more regret.

Life is full of wonder..
why should i regret and think back of what i've lost along this way..
there must be a reason why they cant make it here to be with me until today..

You can't change what has happen around you..
what you do have, is the opportunity to change the outcome for what may become in the future.
meaning to say, what you do today.. is what u become in the future.

From now on, i'll try my best to think positive from time to time..
i know its not an easy task, but i believe in myself :)

throw it all away..

Don't blame the people who disappointed you..

try to avoid it, cuz.. once u hate a person. its not him/her feel the pain. u r actually hurting urself..

Im going to be here always for u.. U can count on me. im not going to disappoint u. i wanna paint a big smile at ur heart. the important thing is.. im going to Love u :)
this is for my future gf ( eventhough skrg aku teda sepa2 pon )

i'll try my best to be a better person :)

August 6, 2010

my phone ~

Finally i trade in my lovely baby.. n86.
feel sad actually.
sbb x tfikir pon mo jual..
pegi kedai hp.
bajet2 mo jual hp aku yg lagi satu ni.
my secondary phone.
try2 tanya, dia cakap.. dia angkat phone tue rm120..
aku pon tnya lagi..

"kalau n86 nie brapa eh?"
"em.. ini 700"

aku daa tkejut da dgr tue..
pakai hp nie da almost 1 year..
harga mc tinggi lg. huhu..

aku pon, decide.. baik aku jual ja la.
selagi hp tue mc harga tinggi..
so, thats the end of my time with her.
my lovely baby n86 :(

thx dear. for being with me for this whole 7 month..
u r one of the best phone i ever had.
x penah jatuh.
x penah rosak.
x penah datang period ( hang atau pon restart2 )

I'll missing u syg ~

sO, da trade in.. mesti lah aku ganti dgn hp baru kan..
this is the new phone.

Sony ericson Vivaz pro.

i like the design of this phone.
unique & beautifully made!

full touchscreen + qwerty keyboard.
Camera HD 5.1 megapixel..
wat else do u need?

i love u my new phone.
i'll allways take gud care of u.
don't u worry bout that =)

~ VIVA la z Pro Forever ~

August 3, 2010

~ the story ~

There's no one in charge of your happiness except yourself..

To love n beloved.. is a different things :)

The more you trust, the greater its harm..

The only failure is when you give up trying..

Give your best to what you wanna be..

Life is all about balancing..


Thanks Allah, for everything that you show around me..

I believe in you.

I believe everything happen for a reason..

I'm sorry for all my sins, how i wish i could wash it all away..


This is my story.

about u.. i don't have anything to say anymore..

If we belong together, than i'll accept that as Allah will..

but for now, i'll jz follow the flow..

Its been almost a year.

and it took me so long to understand that.

you've change.. i've change..

I wont blaming you for loving sum1 else.

Good for you :)

it's not fair for myself.

to standing here, and loving you.

when you are not even thinking about me.

I've to be happy for myself too.

im sure that there's sum1 out there for me too.

Don't worry kayh. im not going to blame u..

U are free to do anything u want.

im glad u've find ur life.

i'll always pray u'll be happy with it..


Zack, continue ur journey..

u won't know what happen next.

how amazing life is.

Allah for sure, have a better plan for u..

think positive..

Be happy..

There will be always happiness beside u :)