April 22, 2014

My son, Saif Alfurqan. He was born with a symbradactily on his left hand. Which makes the hand smaller than the other hand. Me n my wife nvr knew this until the day he was born. Medical terms cant define the exact reason as why did this happen, there's nothing the mother do or don't that make this happen. This occur about 1 in 32000 newborn, 

I feel sad, empty, angry, and so many negative emotion the moment i knew about this. Why us? Why my child? i have so many question with no one to answer. 

Now, after almost 3 month pampering, loving, caring, diapers changing and etc of my baby. I understand, that Allah hv a better plan for me n my family. This is a gift, a gift in which Allah knows in sha Allah we can love him, protect him, and nuture him to be the best person in this world. And most important of it all, to be the imam of the muttaqin. 

This is my words for u my son. 
Do remember Abah and mama always love u. Be strong, and always hv faith in Allah. You will be most successful in this life and the hereafter. 

TQ Allah. Semoga ak menjadi hamba mu yg bertakwa.