March 25, 2012

Goodbye student life

datang ke shah alam, bersama ayah dan emak. Mereka menghantar daku dgn harapan untuk aku berjaya dalam pelajaran daku.
aku masih ingat, pada hari pertama aku masuk ke rumah sewa aku.
rumah tingkat 4, berbekalkan barang2 yang byk.
ayah membantu aku mengangkat barang2 itu ke rumah.
ketika itu, tuhan sahaja yang tahu apa peraasaan daku, melihat org tua ku membantu aku mengangkat brg2 yg berat dr bwh sampai ke tingkat 4.

daku mendaftarkan diri sebagai pelajar asasi undang2 di KUTPM (now known as MSU)
asasi undang2 ini sepatutnya di habiskan dalam masa 1 tahun, tapi di sebabkan aku telah lalai, leka, terpedaya dgn budaya bebas di tempat org lain, aku lupa dgn tujuan asal ku.
aku lupa dgn harapan org tua ku.
akhirnya, pada semester 3 iaitu semester terakhir aku ketika asasi.
aku gagal 1 subjek, which means i have to repeat it again.
di sebabkan mengulang subjek yg aku gagal ini.
aku terkandas beberapa bulan sebelum aku dapat meneruskn ke peringkat degree.

pada ketika ini lah aku mengenali rakan2 aku,
shafiq fadzly, ramzul azim, mohd nor faiz, mohd shafiq, malai fahmi azfar.
the list goes on..
tp org2 ini lah yg byk mengukir pemikiran aku. pendirian aku tentang kehidupan.
terlalu byk utk aku hurai kebaikan kwn2 ini.
aku hanya mampu mengucapkan terima kasih.
all this year korg mmg housemate and kawan yg baik.
may Allah bless your future ahead.

aku berjaya menghabiskan asasi undang2 aku, dan dgn ini aku pun meneruskn pelajaran aku ke peringkat seterusnya.
Bachelor in Law and Commerce.
akhirnya, ak bergelar sebagai seorg student degree.
and yes, definitely tanggungjwb aku semakin besar. aku tidak boleh lg mengulang kesilapan lama aku utk leka dlm pelajaran.

ketika ini lah aku di temukan dgn rakan2 kelas yg best.
yang pada mulanya aku agak tidak selesa, disebabkan ketika asasi.
kelas aku hanyalah seramai 20+ org..
suddenly mendaftar untuk degree, kelas aku adalah seramai 50+ people..

di sini, aku mula kenal pada vina dan fadie.
yeah, this two person.. argue a lot. i mean a lot.. specially fadie.
doesn't matter, yg penting how many times we argued we still work together in achieving our dream, which is to finish our education together.
this two person really helps me a lot.
support me a lot.
i just don't know how to shows my gratitude to have a good friend like them.
tQ Allah.
tQ for surrounded my with a good friend like them.
May Allah bless your journey ahead guys, thanks for being a good friend all this time.
i really appreciate it.



aku berjaya menghabiskan exam degree terakhir aku.
tuhan sahaja yang tahu apa perasaan aku ketika ini, keluar dewan exam.
i really feels like.

"ya Allah, this journey. its not easy as it looks. and yet i manage to finish this to the end of the line."

akhirnya, setelah hampir 6 tahun bermastatautin di tempat org, belajar sekian lama.
aku berjaya untuk menghabiskannya dan insyaAllah kembali dgn membawa ijazah aku.
the 1st things that came out of my mind is that ayah, mak.
i will make u proud.
i wont let u down.

sekarang, aku akan memulakan praktikal aku selama 6 bulan yg akan bermula dari may hingga nov.
the difference now, is im not living at shah alam anymore.
im gonna do my internship at kota kinabalu sabah.

well, like my dad said to me.
" satu perjalanan yg sudah dilalui dan tak mungkin akan dilalui lagi..."

Thank you Allah.
Thank you mom and dad.
Thank you all my friends that have been supporting me all this years.
Thank you my beloved mai.
thank you everyone.

May Allah bless our journey ahead.
may the experience i've been through all this years make me a better person.

March 10, 2012

love before marriage?

Staring at the moon and the star, makes me pondering how beautiful this world our creator has made us. This beautiful night make's me wonder, what is love? is it true that, "the most beautiful thing in the world can't be seen or touch. it must be felt with the heart." Why heart?
When I look back, my previous experience. It's make me cautious with my current path that I've been through. I mean, In many terms, family, friends, and love. Love before marriage? When I was a kid, my mom and dad always warn me not play around with girls. I mean, like most of parents they will say " jgn bcinta2.. habis belajar dlu, habis sekolah dulu baru fikir cari perempuan." I hear this words, since my high school. I wonder, why? during that time, I'm looking for the answer, why can't love somebody we like, when she felt the same way too? yet, it's come from the heart. can we control our feeling? All of this question left behind with a no specific answer. So, my life goes on as any other kids and I start to fall in love, and start to care about someone else, a so-called "cinta monyet".

I have a countless ex during my teenager's life and yet, there's nothing to be proud of that. I'm not proud of it, not even a bit. With all of the experience I've been through, I wonder why is it really hard to love and to be love? Why love is not easy as it seems as we seen on the movies or novel. Is holding hand, hugs, kissing, and etc is what love really means? I was one of the victim within a billion in this world that believe all of that are the key element to understand what love is. I mean, holding hand, hugs. who doesn't want all those kind of things? I mean, when we love someone. For sure we will all those kind of things towards our love one right. It's a natural feeling, It's how we are functioning, It's a bless from Allah to give us those kind of feeling, comfort, love, care, and etc. And yet, why when we doing all this forbidden things before marriage it's not making us feel any happier? why we would feel the other way?

“…and do not come near Zina; indeed, it is an abomination and an evil way” (Al-Isra’: 32)

the answer is within this phrase of Quran. Indeed, the words of Allah are the best guidance to all the human being. I mean, it's natural to a human being to feel guilty when they are doing something which is forbidden by Allah. This is also the sign of the last age, as we refer to this hadis.

”Dan tinggallah manusia-manusia yang buruk, yang seenaknya melakukan persetubuhan seperti himar (keldai). Maka pada zaman mereka inilah kiamat akan datang.” – Sahih Muslim

Are we ready for the last day? are we ready to face Allah in his judgement day?

This year, I'm already 23 years old and insyaAllah, I'm finishing my bachelor in law and commerce by the end of this year. When people ask me, what will you do next?
My answer is plain and clear. " simpan duit, kawin." When some of my friend laughing or question my intention to be married early, I just smile and I ask, why would you have a so called GF when u are not intended to marry her? If u really love her, marry her, protect her dignity. Don't just say u love her, and give so many excuse when it comes to responsibility. Believe that Allah is the one that given sustenance to us. Work hard, and always keep a good faith in what u do. InsyaAllah, Allah is merciful and loving. He know's best for us.

As to answer, the question about love before marriage. I just can say, it depends on the interpretation of the person in what love really means to him/her. When u think love is about all those physical things, believe me. It wont last. But if u believe that love is more than that, beyond all those things, believe me. Follow what Allah has ordain us to follow. Love come from him, and we have to always remember that never ever love a person, more than we love him.

If your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your wives, your kindred, the wealth that you have gained, the commerce in which you fear a decline, and the dwellings in which you delight ... are dearer to you than Allah and His Messenger, and striving hard and fighting in His Cause , then wait until Allah brings about His Decision (torment). And Allah guides not the people who are Al-Fasiqun (the rebellious, disobedient to Allah). (Surah At-tawbah 24)

This means, have to be grateful in what Allah have given to us. How can we not love him when we know that all we have is a bless from him. That is why, we need to realize what is love, how to love, and what is the sources of love before we ought to know what love really is.

I hope she's the one that been meant to be for me. Ya Allah, jagalah hati kami, lindungi hati ini dari perkara2 yg engkau murkai. sekiranya dia jodohku, permudahkn perjalanan ini dan satukan hati kami dalam keberkatan mu. sesungguhnya, engkau tahu apa yg terbaik utk hamba2 mu. tQ Allah. tQ for always been there in all my journey in this life.