July 27, 2011

hi awak.. ye awak. gadis comel..
ble kenalan?
haha ;p

my path..

on this journey of life, we always make decision..
sometimes, the decision is to difficult till u can't choose rite?
sometimes, we always wondering.. is this the path that i really wanna choose?
is this the right path?
who know's?

what i have to do.. i must walk on it, make my decision and never regret bout it..
but am i really not going to regret it?
this path of life, is never gonna be the same like the path we gonna choose between two roads..
we ain't never have a second chance.

is there anyone believe that a simple word can change the world?
yes. i believe that.. if it can't change the world.
surah iQra won't mark the beginning of islam in this world..

well.. words, life, path.. always related to each other.
sometimes, i wonder.. why im choosing this way.

i don't know..
all i know, i have to walk on it. have faith in Allah.
i believe that he knows what best for me.

im just an ordinary man..
with a small hearts, wanting to make the world a beautiful place to live :)

but until this moment, the journey to make the world a beautiful place to live is not easy as it seems..
i can't even take good care the feelings of people that care bout me..
im sorry.

my lord, i have faith in u..
guide me to the right path my lord. i believe that everything happens for a reason..
only u knows best..

July 19, 2011


bestnya jadi org islam..
lagi best kalo beriman..
bila ada iman, lg best kalo ada ketaqwaan yg tinggi..

win win situation?
ever heard about that?
well.. rahsia jadi org islam nie, yg org islam sendiri x tahu atau tahu tp tidak sedar..

x lain..
x bukan..
they always win :)

why im saying they always win?

kalo dapat rezki lebih.. dapat benda yg selama nie kita mahu.. apa kita perlu ucap?
syukur alhamdulillah.. all praise to Allah. dia yg bagi kita apa kita mahu :)

kalo di timpa musibah.. apa kita perlu buat? melenting? marah? kecewa? sedih?
well.. islam teach us to be patience rite?
apa lagi perkara yg paling kuat kalau bukan sabar? tell me.. apa lg? nabi sendiri cakap.. org plg kuat itu adalah org yg sabar :)

well.. thats y im saying org islam itu sentiasa menang.
bila di timpa musibah, dia bersabar. bersyukur.. sudah pasti ada hikmah di sebalik musibah itu..
kalo dpt rezki melimpah ruah.. bersyukur.. pasti Allah tambah rezki tue..

what else that we need?
still xmo bersyukur?

tepuk dada tanya selera kayh :)
tanya hati tue.. aku nie bersyukur nda?
aku nie tunaikn tanggungjwb aku sebagai muslim nda?
im not provoke anyone or whatsoever..
im not saying im a good muslim too.. but i always wanted to be better then my previous life..

every morning is a new life. everyday is a new beginning..
its up to u, to regret whats u can't change or try to change what u would be come..

jz to share here my story anyway..

dulu, previous back several years ago.. kalo aku ingat balik. zaman2 aku bcintan2. ( monkey2 love nie )gaduh mcm budak2 dgn ex and sebagainya..
kecewa, frustrated bagai..
masa tue, aku rasa kenapa hidup nie mcm nie? kenapa aku yg kena lalui semua nie?
well, masa tu di usia muda di tambah lg dgn kekecewaan yg tidak terhingga..
aku blame org laen.. aku blame nasib aku. ( lemah sungguh iman )

aku fikir balik, hikmah di sebalik semua tue.. bestnya.
seriously, i have to appreciate it.
kalo bukan sebab pengalaman aku dgn ex aku. pengalaman memeritkan bagai tue..
will i become the person i am rite now?
will i be looks good as i am rite now?
will i learn to have faith in Allah?
will i have a patience to front any obstacle ahead?
will i love Allah more then anything else?

masa sedih tue.. hanya Allah yg tahu kesedihan yg aku lalui. cinta ilahi yg tabahkn hati aku, hidayahnya beri aku nafas baru.. sumtimes, i can even cried alone when im walking down the park..
where i see, Allah create everything very beautiful.. extremely beautiful. kenapa selama nie aku x tumpu cinta aku, kasih aku pada dia?
dia bagi kita semuanya.. simple thing, eye.. ada ka teknologi zaman skrg nie, yang bole ganti mata kita? ada?
Allah bg kita perfectly beautiful eyes.. still, pernah kita sayang dia? pernah kita bersyukur? jangan lah cakap mo mencintai dia..
pernahkah kita berusaha mengenalinya?

ya Allah.. thx for everything u ever give to my life.
thx for the experience u thought to me..
life is the best experience..
u know what best for me..
i promise im trying to be better muslim..
pls guide me to your path..

July 15, 2011

cerita rumah ~

Me : u.. what is your dream house?
L : dream house? means?
Me : well, everyone hv their dream house rite.. glass house, house near the beach, house at hills, etc.. so, i wanna know whats your dream house :)
L : My Hubby house, is my dream house..
Me : * speechless *........................

time conversation nie..
aku tgh workout. tgh angkat2 dumbell.. haha.
right after i receive her answer. tergamam aku sekejap =.="

well.. im not expecting that kind of answer actually..
for me.. its too damn sweet. oh my... if only i could hv a wife like u..
that will bright up life i guess..

mana mo cr ppuan cakap d mana hubby dia tnggal, itu la rumah idaman dia?
dr 10 ppuan mayb 1 ja la kali yg akan jwb mcm tue..

sweet.. seriously, im melting to hear that..

July 10, 2011

my supplement.

Let me tell u about my supplement.
lol, im searching for my new pic. i mean, standing front. tp xda pula..
x kisah la. later i'll upload my pix. yg suda ripped habis k?
i guess its about 2 - 3 month more for me to take. to be totally ripped off.
skrg nie, aku workout 4 kali seminggu. total heavy lifting for biceps, triceps, shoulder, chest and etc.
3 hari lg cardio. jogging. push up. sit up.

Nitro Tech.
Nie 1st protein aku beli.
my opinion?
this brand is hot stuff.
kalo google, protein nie la top selling d malaysia.
this protein is great for shaping body muscle.
aku amik nie sekali ja, cuz it doesn't help me a lot to build up lean muscle.
lean muscle nie, means keraskn otot.
well, shaping lawa. tp x keras x best la kan. huhu.

Nie, Oxy.
i can't say anything yet about this fat burner.
sbb aku tgh amik nie skrg. based on its review, its a superb fat burner.
ramai da org gemok jd kurus dgn nie.
so, aku pon try la.
why don't u try it too?

Lipo 6 black!
this is super great fat burner!!
aku amik nie masa bulan 2 kalo x silap. know what?
this pills help me reduce my weight. lots.
maybe, aku hilang dlm 8-9 kgs masa amik nie..
the good news about fat burner nie ( apa brand pon )
dia xle kena amik continuously..
after done 1 botol, kena stop amik for 4 weeks.
anyway, don't get it wrong k. amik fat burner bukan maksudnya amik terus jd kurus.
dia hanya membantu utk menguruskn badan.
xda workout.
xda cardio..
xda usaha. jgn bermimpi utk jadi kurus k?
i challenge u fat boy and gurls!
kalo aku bole. kamu pon bole!

hey u!
i love u!
hahaha.. nie protein aku suka. sbb?
sbb protein nie helps me lots building up lean muscle. seriously, minggu pertama aku amik nie. lengan aku keras. lebih keras dr sebelum tue..
well, any gym guy mest ble realize the different with their body.
so, aku amik protein nie for 2 month.
good stuff.
recommended :)
hasil dr kaji selidik aku, bertanya dgn org2 yg lebih pakar psl protein.
protein nie + oxy = great!
but sadly, aku x amik oxy dgn protein nie k..
aku amik oxy + syntha 6.

haha. xdalah. nie nama dia syntha 6.
aku try protein nie skrg.
base on review, and ppl recommendation. aku try la protein nie.
looks like great stuff right?
hehe. oh btw. nie la 1st protein yg aku beli perisa laen..
protein2 aku beli sblm nie semua perisa coklat.
so, di sebabkn aku da muka coklat hari2.
aku try la vanilla :)
sedap ok!
and i hope the effect will be perfect like its taste.
my mission now, is to ripped of all my body generally, and buff up my chest specifically.
lengan aku, aku satisfied da. shoulder, pon looks good. chest.. not satisfied yet.
aku mau chest lawa. petak. ble dapat ka tue?
hahaha.. we'll see ;)
there's nothing that i can't achieve. whatever can't kill me, can only make me stronger!
( semangat mesti mo gah ) hahah

No - Xplode.
mmg xplode la nie betol2. haha.
nie energy drink.
well, supplement nie ada mcm2 k. ada fat burner, ada creatine, ada protein, mass protein and etc.
tp kalo mo beli semua sekali mmg x lari 1000 la blanja sebulan. tahan?
aku keja pon blom. xpalah. aku beli mana yg aku mampu ja.
back to this stuff.
aku blom beli pon benda nie.
tp, im really interested to buy it.
maybe lepas raya kali baru beli.
kalo ada rezki lah :)
em, setakat nie.. itu ja la protein yg aku da amik.
there's many more to come. tp nt lah..
ada masa, aku tulis lg k.
more detail bout those protein maybe?
any Question regarding protein. don't hesitate to ask me k.
1 soalan 3 inggt.
haha. just kidding ;p

bulan depan puasa.
selamat menyambut ramadhan guys ;)

July 1, 2011

Happy birthday my sis!

my lovely sis.
happy birthday.
remember, im always here whenever u need me k?
as long Allah permitted me too.. im always gonna be there for u :)

i love u sis. may Allah bless u always.
thx for being a good sis all this time.
see the cake? that is zerg cake. i make it special for u !
lucky i can't buy it for u for real. but nvm, im gonna make sure im gonna make this cake for u later. hehe.

hv a great day sis.
sorry i can't give u any present, my wish is enough i guess? hehe.
hopefully, we can celebrate ur birthday next year together ;)

~ enjoy this life, make sure it's gonna be a wonderful journey ~