February 27, 2010

- Faceless Void -

this is my 1st review of dota heroes.
this is FV ( faceless Void ) hansome ait?

okei.. i choose this as my 1st review. cuz i like this heroes.
sUper Imba! hehe. if u do know how to farm and not dying all the time.

i cant upload mUch pix here.
due to lack of time =(

i jz wanted to make a simple review ok.
if u do need more information.
do tell me, cuz i would try my best to gv the best guide as i could.

ok, faceless void is a scourge hero.
he is at evening tavern.
he is an agility hero.
which we do know, lack of HP and MP.
so, this hero is very soft at the beginning.

my item build for this hero for early game :
.0-15 minutes item.

glove of haste
mask of death
perseverance of health

WARNING- u can gain all this item if u make a 90% accurate last hit k -

middle item
12- 25 minutes

power thread
mask of madness
battle fury

with this item u can ownage already.

my last build

power thread
mask of madness
battle fury
buriza do kyanon

WARNING - pro players usually will make blade mail to counter ur attack.
once they make blade mail.
u r doom.

but don't worry.
there's solution for that =)

if enemy started to make blade mail.
make sure u make a hood of defiance.
REMEMBER- blade mail is MAGIC.
use Hood of defiance u will reduce 30% dmg

other than Hood of defiance.
make an assault cuirass
this is a Good option too
not only help u gain armor
but also increase att spead =)

so, that is my review for FV.
if i got more time i'll make a complete review of this hero k.
any Question u wanna ask.
do tell me.
im here to guide u.

~lonG liVe dOta~


Mi$$.HiBaRi said...

u even blog about dota?!
guess dota is your soul mate after all...

zaCk_89 said...

hahaha.. blogging about dota. niCe ait? hehe..
yea.. i guess dota is my soul mate lorh :)