March 20, 2010

- liFe -

life.. do we remember.. what we wanted when we are a kids?

we dream to hv a nice car..
we dream to hv a big house..
we dream to travel around the world..
we dream to hv a lot of candies at our home..
we dream to live with the ppl we love the most..
we dream to hv all kind of gadget that ppl like..
we dream to live in a life full with wonderful things..
we dream to be jz like our dad.. o mom..

life.. what is really life actually like?

life is like a road..

on this road.. we face so many person..
on this road.. we realize not all we wanted all this time can be achieved..
on this road.. we learn, how dreams is sometimes only a dreams..
on this road.. we know, we have to struggle to get something..
on this road.. we learn that, everything happen for a reason..
on this road.. we actually think. who i really am? am i the person that what ppl want to be.. am i what i really want to be?
on this road.. we learn, what is love.. what is hatred..
on this road.. we learn, what road should we taken..
on this road.. we realize. one mistake, will lead to another..
on this road.. we realize, how cruel this world really are. its not always ended like in a fairytale.. " live happily ever after"..
on this road.. we change from this person, to another person.. whether u realize it or not..

life.. do u believe in this Quote..
.we live only once.
be happy. n enjoy this life as much as u can.

when we are a kids.. hv we ever imagined that we will grew up this fast?
when we are a teens.. hv we ever think about what life really means?
right now.. hv we ever think, what we will be 10 - 20 years later?

im writing all of this.. jz to share to all of u.. what i hv thought in my mind..
maybe.. u can say me crazy or psycho or watever u want..
but take 1 minute of the time in ur life.. and think back of what ive said.. do we ever think about it?

do we live only once?
is it worth it to enjoy this life?

for me.. im 200% disagree with the that Quote..
cuz.. i know. we live not only once..
why should we enjoy this life. do all things that we shouldn't do.. when we know.. we will suffer in the next life?

im not saying that this life is meaningless.. im not saying that in this life.. im not doing any mistake. im not saying all of this means im good o alim.. o watsoever u wanna say it..
i do make mistake. n cuz all of that mistake.. lead me to what i write right now..

we hv to remember.. we don't know.. how long would we live..
hv we ever think.. when will we die?
with all the enjoy n self fulfillment we do.. satisfied what we needs..
either it is prohibited or not in Islam.. we still do it..
is it really worth it for the life after this?
is it the preparation that we prepared for the next life..?

are we live in a typical life..?
grew up.. go to school.. go to high school.. go to University.. Graduate..
get a work.. and married.. hv a child..
get older.. n die..

is it really life is that simple? jz follow the flow..
yea.. its normal to live in a life like that. im also living in a world like that..
but what i wanna say here..
life is not really that simple. we hv to think wise.. think deep..
y we are here in this world..
its to find keredhaan Allah s.w.t right.. but how many we muslim think like that?
nowadays.. ppl think life is more to money rather than towards Allah s.w.t..
is it true money is everything? yes.. i agree. we need to money to live.. but money cant buy our life.. money cant guaranteed what will happen to us.. in the afterlife..
so.. remember. lead a fair life.. make a wise decision in our life..
cuz we wont get so many chances in this life..

we live in this world.. with so many choices.. n i really believe..
the road that lead us to Allah s.w.t will be a road that will hv a lot of distraction..
i believe in that..
Allah gv us sense.. gv us logical thinking. for us to understand what is this life really means..
me as a muslim jz wanna share this kind of thinking that i had..
this is to remind all of us.. n also to myself..

no matter how hard this life is..
no matter how cruel this life is..

don't ever lost hope with Allah s.w.t..
believe in that.. cuz Allah will never abandon the person that love him..
we jz need to tawakal.. redha.. n bdoa..
may Allah s.w.t guide us to the right path..

love towards life.. we will die..
love towards a person.. it will fade away..
love towards Allah s.w.t.. it is forever..


Ejat_Aramaiti89 said...

benda2 niela yg buat aku dipress nie

zaCk_89 said...

zz.. apa lg yg ko depressed nie.. =.="