March 10, 2010

this morning, i wake uP
n i open my fb jz like wat i usually do..
n i read this status that was write by her..

tQ dear for EVERYTHING...won't ever let u go again! (^_^)

hmm.. what does it mean?
is it for friend?
i dont know..
i dont think so..
watever it is, y should i care? y should i even think about it?
y im feeling so terrible when i read it?
i hate this feeling..
im not supposedly feeling like this..
i should be happy when she feel like that towards another person..
that means.. she dont think about me anymore..
it means, she really move on..

dear.. thanx 4 everything.
u ever gv me..
4 everything.. u ever said to me.
u teach me a lot about loving some1..
thx 4 all the moment u share with me..

and now, i guess its really time for me to move on..
u already had your new life..
n i hope u happy with it..
i will always pray 4 ur happiness..
if u had a bf now..
do take care of him k..
n i hope he will do take good care of u too..
dont ever lied to him..
dont ever cheated on him..
take good care of the person who trust u.
love is fragile.. so, handle it with care..

i hope u'll happy n success in ur life..
i will be gone from u..

take care dear..


alotaboutme said...

If the truth was told instead of a lie, then the pain would go away sooner and not hurt as much kan.

tapi if this the best way kan, better we let her/him go walaupun kita nak nak kan... kita takde kuasa nak tentu kan benda nie.. (^_^)

zaCk_89 said...

there's another person 4 me..
im juz not meet her yet.
so.. rilex.. n stay hepi :)
xyah pk2 lagi.. huhu..

Ejat_Aramaiti89 said...

ouh.....susah tul mau paham crita bi nie..ahahahaha

lebey2 yg jiwang2

alotaboutme said...

yup...betol tu...
dunia nie tak berakhir lagi kalau dia pegi dari hidup kita kan...
mungkin we're not meet the right person...

we meet the wrong person b4 me meet our soulmate kan... ;)