March 1, 2010

- wonderinG arOund -

its tuesday. 02.03.2010.

i hope today will be a good day for me =)
i miss home.
i miss u mOm..

mOms birthday is on 29 feb. but cuz of its happen to be in a leap year.
we usually celebrate it on 28.
this year. i cant celebrate mom bday cuz im here sTuck at this hell city.. T_T
nvm.. i wisH u will be find n healthy always mom. i love u sO mUcH..

there's a lot of things happen yesterday.

duit mara x msUk..
im EXcidentally open my ex bloG.. zzz ..
then.. last but not least.
friends? this is a very complicated subject i guess..
i cant explain it here..

duit mara bila mo masUk nie?
aku x sabar ni mo beli psp.. haiz..
demam sua aku nie gara2 psp. hoho..

erm.. my ex BloG?
like i said.. im excidentally oPen it.
since we've broke uP. until yesterday.
ive nvr open her bloG...

ive read sOme post.. which she write something abouT me.
but i don't feel anythinG lorh..
there's 1 post she write that she hate me.
cuz im lying to her all this time..
curse n watsoever..
cuz im wearing a necklace wHich were given by my eX. b4 her..

u kNow what dear?
b4 u wanna blame me 4 that one simple things.
u should blame urself lorh..
ive had enough oo .. blaming myself for love.
ENOUGH.. u know..
u want me to hate u?
yea.. i do hate u.
4 everything ur lie to me.
pretending that nvr done anything wrong to me.. keep blaming me. zzz..
donow la.. its uP to u babe.
wanna blame me o watsoever.

u wanna know? who gv me strenght when i was down?
who cheer me Up when i feel this whOle world was turn uP side down?
its her..
eventhough she lied to me. she hurt me really demn muCh.
still.. she said. im sorry.. ive hurt u. i know im wronG.
but pls.. if u ever feel alone n empty. im here 4 u..

and U??
u jz quite. n hOpe things will getting better 4 me?
fuCk off la wei.. its u getting better. not me.. u r now farking happy with ur new bf.
n me? im stuck here afraid to love and to be love..
u thought im coming back to my ex aa?
wei.. im wearing wat she gv to me. doesnt mean im with her again la..
i appreciate what she gv me.
yes. i love her. until this moment i love her..
even she is far away from me.
n ive never contact her anymore. she hv new bf too maybe..
i still love her.
does it gt problem with u? u want me to love u? when u fucking make me hate u..
sometimes. we need to use our brain to think ok. u want ppl love u. appreciate u.
do something about it. prove that u r more better than what he imagine.
dont jz simply said love me. love me. love me.
but u dont do anything..
zzz.. enough le..
im sorry 4 everything wat i said k.. my harsh words n watsoever..
how muCh pain u left on me.. how hurt i am.
it doesn'nt matter anyway..
whats important now. u hv a new bf..
i pray 4 ur happiness..
like i said. i wont disturb both of u.. like i dont want u to disturb me too..
i hope u'll be happy with him..
may both of u. hv a nice journey ahead.
thx 4 everything good u ever done to me.
im not a good bf. n im really sorry 4 that.

hmm.. enough typing i guess.. haha..

- thx 4 proving to me, that all love is the same. all will betrayed me -
~ TQ ~


Nonie said...


that was too harsh my dear LOL
don't get angry la... she wrote what she thought was right... girl always do that...

consider my ex is so lucky to have me as an ex LOL I've never blame him for anything.

So, my bro chill ok. Just ignore what you read it won't change anything...

zaCk_89 said...

hahahaha.. sounds angry aa my words? haha..
no la.. geram ja tue sket. hehe..

i dont wanna change anything too..
im happier this way =)

Mi$$.HiBaRi said...

when you buy ur psp later, buy one for me too!!

tp aku mau psp-go la....can meh??ngeeeee~ =p

zaCk_89 said...

hahaha.. want a psp aa..
can can. i buy u psp china. okei?
hee.. gv me ur adress i send it to u ok. hehe =p