April 17, 2010

- last nite -

Haiz.. i donow what i'm thinking..
and actually, i donow..
either i make a right decision or not..
last niGht.. i hv a conversation with her..
i chat with her.

i said.. i won't be here for u anymore. as u are not waiting for me too.. cuz if u do, u would always hold on to me..

she said, z.. if u really wanna leave me like 4eva. then pls.. jz go.. u dun hv to say this many times..
its pain..

pain? i'm sorry dear.. for hurting u okei..
im jz tired, for waiting something which nvr care about what i feel..
i nvr wanna blame u for what jz happen to our past relationship.
but if u remember. it's u..
who make's me let u Go..
hv u ever think about that..?
sure not.. cuz u would blame me. for easily love other person after that..
is it wrong for me to love other person? im with another person.. while i'm single..
im not having an affair while im with u..

dear.. it's not problem either who's right or who's wrong..
who let go who.. or who hold on to who..

true love is on how long u would loVe sumone..
accept u the way u are..
believe on u no matter what..
stand with u, when u hv nothing to hold on to..
when distance can't change their feeling..

dear.. i donow, either i'm doing the right decision or not..
but what i do know. i must do something..
u donow, what it feels like when the person u love the most..

said "i lOve u sO muCh"..

when u hv nothing with her.. u hv NO relationship with her~
u know what? it's killing me.. everytime i hear that..
it's tear me up side dOwn.
realize that, i thought u were mine.. but the truth is NOT..
if u really do love me like u said.
u will be with me. stick with me..
em.. i donow.. maybe, u hv ur own reason..
im not blaming u here..
i jz wanna expressed what i feel here. cuz, i hv nothing to hold on to..
i can't keep this in my mind. as i will getting lost in my own illusion~

anyway.. dear.
like i ask u last nite..
jz forget about me. hate me..
don't ever treat me so good anymore..
don't get confuse anymore..
be happy with ur life.
im letting u go.. doesn't mean i hv stop loving u..
until this very moment.
i still loVe u :)

like u said. if u really wanna leave me like 4eva. then jz go..

okei.. i'll go..
if u are meant to be wif me. i donow, maybe it's miracle can unite us? huhu
it's u dear.. who let me go.. not me..

cUz until this time.. u knew.. but u jz won't realize it..
still here..
loving u..

see u.. from far away~


Ejat_Aramaiti89 said...

good job fren!!
be strong...
owez support u buddy

zaCk_89 said...

yea jat.. thx dudes =D

Ika Troubled-ta said...

jika anda jatuh, bangunlah perlahan2.hoho~

zaCk_89 said...

yeah.. i'll get back on my feet.. tHx kere' =)