August 31, 2010

- arabian nights -

within 3 weeks.. im going to a gala night dinner. its compulsory for me as i am the member of committee for law and commerce student.
haiysh.. tension actually.
cuz idk what to wear =.="
anyone can suggest me what to wear?

the theme for this dinner is arabian night + hari raya..

maybe im going to wear jubah only..
smart juga kan? huhu

anyway, it just great.. everyone bring their partner for this dinner.
nvm la.. x perlu partner pon. duduk meja bujang ja.. hahaha ;p
if there's anyone ask me to be her partner.. naa ada la tue.
kalo teda. diam2 sudeh ~ ~
haiysh.. doesnt matter lah.
its not important for me though..

what important now,
my leg. my ankle. my stomach. my chest. every part at my body are all hurt :(
thanx to the work out at gym.
i enjoy the pain T.T
kalau da work out susah2 mcm nie.. x tough. x kurus lg..
x taw la mo cakap apa..

right now,
im going to the gym for 4 times a week.
eat less. work hard. study smart.
hahah.. nice words ait..

i've set my goal.. within 2 month. im gonna lose 7-10 kg.
yes i can!
aku mo jd kurus blk.. not kurus.
fit! i wanna be fit as ever. healthy. confident and etc~
nt.. da smart badan. bole la aku ngorat awek2 cun..
hahah. just kidding mom.
anak mak nie baek. dia x mengurat da..
smpai abes studi baru dia pikir mo cari sum1 tuk diri dia :)

okei, back to the stori.
enjoy owh.. pegi gym nie. ada training boxing, muay thai, mma..
huhu. walaupon, baru buat latihan muscle aku mo muntah da =.="
lama x exercise punya pasal..

okei.. enough stori edi..
im going to the gym 1st..
c u there..

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