August 26, 2010

trust ~

I like this words..

i've conversation with my friends.

both of them saying about Love n Love n Love =.="
typical la.. gurls mest suka cerita Love2 nie..

So, mcm biasa lah.
aku berdepan lg dgn soalan.
z, ko bila lg?

adui.. napa la soalan nie ja blk2..
ada gf org tnya..
teda gf di tnya jg..

so, aku cakap simple ja.
kalo kamu penah rasa la..
mcmna frustnya kena cheat. kamu taw la kenapa aku single.

i just feels like i wanna laugh out loud oni.

sblm kami cerita nie..
petang tue
1 of my friend texting me
saying that all guys are the same.
suma xle d pcaya la..
n mcm2 g diskriminasi thadap llaki =.="

aku faham lah tue..
aku pon penah jg marah mcm tue dgn ppuan..

but still..
i cant denied the fact that i need her.
i mean i need that special someone in my life.
i never blame all girls are liar and cheater.
as i know, there's a good 1 out there :)

i just don't like people asking me same Question over n over again
letih la mo jawab.. haiz..

im ready to love someone.
it just there's no one for me to love.
i mean to be my special one.

its not that im choosy or watsoever.
i just want someone who can prove me she's different than the previous i've ever known

girls like boy to fulfill their fairytale.
love them. be there for them whenever they need him

but do u deserved to be treat like that?
or u jz fooling him and satisfied ur imagination about love?

just don't ask me silly Question about love again pls.
kalo ada, ada la tue..
kalo teda, im happier this way la maksudnya.

enough talk i guess..

wat important is.
i wont let my imaginary person stuck in my head.
i'll open my eyes for who might change what my view towards love.
to u who might be the special one~
i love u.
haha :D

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