June 24, 2011

dedicate this for u ;)

hey u.
u know what?
u looks very superb beautiful with those glasses ;)

em, anyway.. that pic above is only display k.
just to show, how beautiful gurls wear glasses.
owh so damn sweet!

i really love girls wear glasses.
specially glasses mcm ugly betty nie. HaHa.
seriously. i love it.
x besar mcm nie, spec sepesen mcm spec aku pon aku suka. hehe.

lucky for me, to know. that u wear glasses too!
the sweet thing is, it looks exactly like mine too!
owh my.. what a coincidence.
mmg jodoh la nie. hehe.

anyway U..
i want to upload ur pix here, but idk.
its better not to expose urself rite?

idk how to say this,
i just can say.. thx Allah.
thx for giving me chance to meet someone wonderful as her.
i mean.. not only she have a beautiful smile, she also have a lovely personality :)
idk, if she's the one for me or not.
but, i feel grateful to meet someone like her.
i never tell her exactly what i feel.
it's not that i don't want too. but im scared. im scared to lose again.
for me, if i had to love again. let it be till the end of my life.
i don't wanna play games anymore.
i don't want to gamble my feeling anymore.
but i know. nothing in life is certain. only Allah know's best..

My lord..
if she's the one for me, please make it an easy way for us..
if she's not, i have faith within u my lord.
whatever happen, i always remember that u know what best for me..

i'm sorry if i never told u exactly what i feel.
it's not that i don't want too..
but i guess, for now what best for us is u know that i care bout u, and u care bout me.
i'm not interested in a so called relationship.
for me, love are not determine by status or whatsoever.
how many ppl involve in a so called relationship and act like they already married..
i don't like that.
walking with their bf/gf holding hands and etc..
is that really necessaries?
is that holding hands and etc are the signs of true love?
for me, if a guy really love his woman. if they don't have any legal relationship.
don't ever touch her.
protect her.
that's love.

Thx Allah for giving me chance to feel this kind of feeling, and to show my gratitude. i don't ever want to make something that will dissapoint him.
i want a blessed relationship from Allah.
and i know well, that u want the same too ;)
so, let's thank Allah for giving us chance to know each other.
lets love him more then ever..
only Allah can make us stay together ;)


redDiva said...
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redDiva said...
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