September 23, 2012

Herbalife for Fitness

Yuhuu! Consider yourself warn!
so, its up to u whether u want to believe in me or otherwise.
u can check this out, whether its true or not. 

my testimonial is, i've been using Herbalife for 4 month approximately, and i can say i'm getting near to my dream. which is? 
i want to get 6pax!
u know, for a gym freak. they do know, that abs can't be make at gym, it doesn't appear no matter how hard u train. the only way to get that is u must control your calories intake, easy to say DIET.

how to diet? 
is there any clue, on how to diet?
Yeah. U can less your sugar intake, eat less bread, eat more vegies, eat more protein, and etc.
but really?
is is easy to calculate all of this?

i give u an easy option.
this is not only a product for losing weight. 
its a product which the consumer use to optimize their nutrition for their body.
when u eat healthy, automatically u lose weight. simple and easy.

now, for me. i've been using this for my fitness workout, breakfast, dinner, and i also drink the shake after my workout session and guess what?
i lose 3kg in 1 month. 

now, i can share lots of things in detail for you if you interested to know,
u can email me, contact me at +60168607535, and find me via Facebook zakwanyzan idris.

Lose weight now, live healthy, be smart, ask me now :) 


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Sri Selvalakshmi said...

This is really good. I like it very much.