February 26, 2010

- bOok oF eLi -

Last nite. i watcH 2 movies. after a long time of meditation at home. haha..
so, this is the movie that i watch.

book of eli.

this story is about a guy name eli.
he live after an apocalypse which makes the world turn into a sandstorm.

with nothing left in this world.
when life have no rules.
when there's no Money to bargain.
when water become a limited source ( ppl kill for it )
when ppl kill n eat other ppl.
when everything seems so no hope.

eli bring a book.
which he protect by his life.
this is a book which can turn human's destiny.
(that is what the story said ok. not me)

after a long watch of the movie. i wonder what is that book?
yea.. we'll find out later.
sO, eli. hv been walked for 30 years. his destination are west.
and through his path he have face many obstacle.
the most tough obstacle for him when he pass by to a town ( human society which live without morality )
this group are control by carnegie. a person who have been dying to get the book.
that eli have brought all this years.
at that place eli have been asked gently to pass by the book.
and yea. we know he wont rite.
so, there's a several fighting scenes which is what i enjoyed at this movie.
at that fight, eli accidentally shot at carnegie leg. which wounded him.
eli managed to escape after that fight.
but he was later followed by a girl that he meet at that town ( solara )
i love her. she is demn beutiful. hahaha..
ok ok.. continue to the story, so yeah. at first he wont bring the girls along.
but through to the bad and nasty road ahead. he gv the girls a chance to follow him. to make sure that the girls safe.
so, on their road. they found a house which is own by an old couple.
which live from day to day by eating human flesh..
when they found out that this old couple eat human.
they wanted to get out from that place and continue their journey.
but sadly, the group of carnegie ppl have reach that house.
so, they went on a fought with carnegie ppl.
after a long fight, they cant hold on and lose. they were surrounded.
they like 3 vs 20 ppl with heavy armor~

the girls were captured ( solara )
and carnegie force eli to gv him the book. or he will shoot salora.
eli, gv the book.
at that time. i suddenly shock. and likes.. what??
bcuz of that girl. u suddenly gv up the thing u've been protect for 30 years?

anyways back to the story.
after he gv the book to carnegie. carnegie shoot him at his stomach. after that eli was left there alone and they bring salora back.
on a way back home. salora attack the driver and make the car accident.
which makes the driver and co-driver died.
he steal the car. carnegie was mad. but he can't chase salora back
because of the fuel tank that are limited to a trip back home only.
so he return to his town and salora return to the place where eli was left alone.
when she reach there. eli was not at there anymore.
so, she reach back the road and drive to west.
on the road, she saw eli was walking with a very weak condition.
she help eli and drive him to west.
when their reach west. they went to a place call alcatraz.
this is where eli have wanted to be for all this 30 years. when they entered the place.
it is a big library, store the remaining original pieces of human literature and art.
this is when i knew that eli was blind!
after a nice fight and so everything, he is a blind man? =.="
okei. i leave it up to u guys to accept that o not..
there were several topics that discuss about his blindness.
u can go search for it.
okei, back to the story. yea. he is blind. cuz the book he bring this whole time was BIBLE in braile ok. bible for blind ppl.
luckily, he have memorized all of what is written on that bible.
so, he ask a person to write down back everything that he said.
in the other hand. when carnegie find out that book was for blind ppl. he cant accept it. he had a fever at that time, and his wound become worst.
he died without ever have a chance to read the bible that he seek for all this years.

back to alcatraz. after, eli have finished tell all that he memorized.. he died.
good ending ait?

in my personal view. i gv this story 7.5/10
i like the fighting scenes. seriously enjoyed it.
but i don't like the storyline which is lame in my point of view.
other than that, this story is about ppl believe. so, im not suggesting kids below 18 to watCh this movie.

what i do like is that. no matter what we do, no matter how we live.
we must have something to believe rite? without religion we are jz the same like an animal. so, no matter what. we have always be remind that our religion is very important. believe in what u believe, have faith in what u have faith.

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