March 30, 2010

- my holiday -

wOw.. its been so long since my last post.. huhu.
im on my holiday right now.

home sweet home :)

hmm.. this holiday.
i learn so many thing. i discover so many things.

em.. okei. so, whats my activity during this holidae..
29, march 2010 - i watch wrestlemania live okei!.. wrestlemania 26.
huhu.. undertaker defeated HBK.. in a streak vs career match..
bye2 HBK.. we will miss u ..
no more sweet chin music :(

okei2.. other than that..
i meet my friends..
playing dota..
hang out.. share many stories..
waa.. i'll miss this oliday..

em.. actually im confussed..
is jealousy means u love that person?
is it like that?
or is it means u jz scare to lose the person..

adei.. i think about it this several day..
i donow what is love.
i donow what i feel..
i donow.. =.="

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