April 2, 2010


hmm.. 03/04/10 .. she finally delete me from her friend list ~
she delete me.. okei.
b4 this, she ask me.. to promise her. nvr delete her..
whatever happen. never delete her..
i nvr delete here okei..
eventhough i see many status. which apparently not related to me at all..

love u la.. rindu la.. kekasih la.. n watsoever..

hei.. do u think im happy seeing ur status?

i think so many times, to delete u.
cuz im tired of seeing all of that.
but, bcuz of my promise for u..
i face it.. i face what i dont wanna see..

em.. i donow what i feel actually.
im lose~
im confused~
im blurr~
i love u?
i hate u?
i donow..

but what i do know.. u dont wanna see me again.
u throw me away..
u r happy with ur new life, n now u wanna throw me away~
i hv nothing to regret..
i do wat i should do.
i try wat i should try.
i gv all my best for u.
it jz wont work..
its okei.
maybe we're not meant to be.
maybe its true. there's sum1 better for me.

i hope u'll be happy with wat u decide..
dun regret later..
as i will never be here for u anymore.

im tired of everything.


Ika Troubled-ta said...

hurm...if u wanna forget her 4ever, block her....

owh, aku padam blog lama. address blog baru: theultimatemerapupage.blogspot.com



zaCk_89 said...

okei kere'..
nt aku follow blog baru ko okei~
thx 4 d advice anyway :)

s h a r v i na said...

shakila ke nih?

kesian sgt kau.
da da da.
jgn lyn oke. try lupe kan.

zaCk_89 said...

im trying to 4get..

i jz..