April 11, 2010

- Shah aLam -

im Back again to my second Home~
sHah aLam =.="

this time..
im baCk with a new cHapter to begin..
a new story to write..

my sis n my bestfriend..
betting for me okei?
lose 1okg of my weight in 3 month..
can i do it?
yes! sure i can do it!!! hehe..

mom.. dad.. sis.. mY brother2..
i miss U all really..
thanx 4 always believe in me..
gv me strength to get through my day..
u all are my life..
i lOve u aLL ~

this sem..
i will try.. study as best as i cOuld..
i will try to avoid thinking about sumthing that i should not think.
yeah.. sure i can do it.
i was alone. im now alone..
n i donow how long im going to be alone T_T
i don't need a gf to help me to get through my day~
i jz need me..
need my self..
need my strength to get through this..
i can do it! yes.. i can do it..

dup dap dup dap ..
im 21 already..
i look at the mirror n i was like.. wat??
u r 21.. fat dudes.. n still study~
will u ever end ur study?
hell yeah i will end this.. i will graduate sumday.
the time will come for me.
yeah~ it will come..

mOm.. DaD..
i will make u proud sOmeday =)


Ika Troubled-ta said...

bolehkah? aku agak meragui 10kg=3bln...agaggagaga~ (aku jahat!)

zaCk_89 said...

hahaha!! boley baa!! suPPort baa..
ko nieeee =.="

Ika Troubled-ta said...

support zack! semoga misi pengurangan berat beliau akan berjaya! ^__^

zaCk_89 said...

hehe.. ko jua la kere'
i can do it :D