November 6, 2010


this post.
i dedicated to all the single person, the couple. or anyone who are in this kind of situation.
u know.
don't ever the person u love let ur guts down.
sometimes, they are some thing that are not worth fighting for.

i face this kind of situation several time.
and what did i do?

i feel sad.
feel terrible.
why should i have to go through this kind of sitation?

i love that person so much.
i care like i wanna live with her till the end of my life.
i believe like she wont lied to me.

the result?

im just an option :)
funny right.

but i take this as a positive experience.
u know what?
u guys out there.

who feels down.
who feels give up with love and all that kind of things.
pls don't.

don't waste ur tears.
don't regret.
don't fallback.
get up on ur feet.
be strong.
have faith.

there's a reason why they can't make it with u until this day :)

like me.
until now im single.
im thinking, therefore im single ;)

i don't wanna waste my time.
my money.
my feels for someone who are not worth anything for me.

i don't wanna be that kind of fools again.
if people said, we cant fight our feelings.
that is F***ing bullsh**

cuz u know what?

we have the will to control that kind of stuff.

everyone has the will.
it just they don't wanna control it.
u let it control u.


i hate being an option.
if i am ur priority, then im gonna make u my priority 10 times more.

if u make me ur option, then im gonna make u my option 100 times more :)


to all the fuc**** person out there.
who think im desperate to be loved.
pls get a life :)

im much better then u.
im much good looking then u.
do u think i have any problem to find a partner for myself?


don't think cuz im single, then im lonely.
alone, doesn't mean u r lonely.

i am happy, and i don't want because of love.
my happiness are taken away.
no kind of things anymore :)

got gf, no gf..
i will always be happy.

im thinking. therefore, im single =)


Ika said...

Totaly loving this post.

being 'an option' is wayyyy better than being 'not even an option'. kna pandang sebelah mata pun tidak~~ *sigh*

dan sebab itula, saya suda immune sama rejectionS. wakaka~~!!

dan ya, attitude kita ok (bukan yg terbaik maybe, tapi ok), kita good looking, surely kita akan deserved someone yang sangat3 sesuai dengan kita. :)

kiyawacute said...

ya..maybe its true we love him or her too much..but doesnt mean they do the same

zaCk_89 said...

yea.. i agree with both of u =)

rilex seja..
love nda love

life is a teacher. experience it.
never give up.

good luck to all of us ;)