December 23, 2010

i just don't care anymore

u wanna know something?
if only i can whisper in ur ears. telling u, how much i don't love u.
that would be wonderful..
Im sorry, if i break ur heart..
Im sorry if i treat u so kind, which makes u feel like i care about u more then anything else..
im sorry..
It just ur feelings..

I don't feel that way..
it's been a year that i've walking this path alone..
and u know what?
I hv promise to myself, that i won't let myself down anymore..
Im sorry if im so cold hearted..
it's just me..
U don't know what i've been through..
U don't know how i don't believe in thing people so "called love"

If u thing u can make me fall into u..
then u are wrong..
It's not U..
I just don't feel anything..
Sorry.. U r such a good friend..
And im sorry, for coming into ur life..
Im sorry if im being harsh to u..
If im not being gentle, saying all those kind of fairytale u wanna hear..

Goodbye u.
Just forget about me k..
Im sorry if i can't be ur friend anymore..
Be happy with your life, be grateful with everything u have..
Committed to the 1 who love's u..

I know how it feels to be cheated.
pls, don't ever do that to him.
be loyal please.
I hate all those kind of feeling saying he's a mistake and bla bla bla..
I hate it.
Don't make an excuse for what u can't have..
No one is perfect. Just accept him the way he is.
That's love.

Do u think, im gonna cry..
Im gonna beg for u to be with me..
catch u, if u fall on me..

im not..
Do me a favor please..

Just walk away from my life..

Dear me..
U hv did what's best for everyone.
Just remember, everything happen for a reason..
Allah know's best what's good for his servant..

never loose hope on Allah.
His love is more pure then anything else..
That's the love of the creator towards u..

tQ Allah.
tQ for everything that ever happened in my life..
I dedicated all my life for u..
I gv all my love for u..
If there's a space in my heart, for me to love ur creation.
then u'll know who's best for me..
Im not gonna ask for u anything more..
I just want u to never let my heart go..
I just don't wanna walk to the wrong path anymore..
I don't wanna lose ur love my Lord.
There's nothing more sick, more dying, more pitiful then losing ur love..

There's nothing can describe how i feel right now..
If all the things happen around me is a test for me..
I accept it my Lord..
I accept it with no regret at all..
cuz i know, only ur love worth everything..

tQ Allah..
Word's can't describe how i feel..
That's love =' )

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