July 27, 2011

my path..

on this journey of life, we always make decision..
sometimes, the decision is to difficult till u can't choose rite?
sometimes, we always wondering.. is this the path that i really wanna choose?
is this the right path?
who know's?

what i have to do.. i must walk on it, make my decision and never regret bout it..
but am i really not going to regret it?
this path of life, is never gonna be the same like the path we gonna choose between two roads..
we ain't never have a second chance.

is there anyone believe that a simple word can change the world?
yes. i believe that.. if it can't change the world.
surah iQra won't mark the beginning of islam in this world..

well.. words, life, path.. always related to each other.
sometimes, i wonder.. why im choosing this way.

i don't know..
all i know, i have to walk on it. have faith in Allah.
i believe that he knows what best for me.

im just an ordinary man..
with a small hearts, wanting to make the world a beautiful place to live :)

but until this moment, the journey to make the world a beautiful place to live is not easy as it seems..
i can't even take good care the feelings of people that care bout me..
im sorry.

my lord, i have faith in u..
guide me to the right path my lord. i believe that everything happens for a reason..
only u knows best..

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